Altas was established on 17.02.1992 as a limited liability company. Having started to operate by assuming the city cleaning activities in Kartal, a county of Istanbul, and Kutahya in 1992, Altas currently renders the services of garbage collection and transport, cleaning of avenues and streets, and washing and disinfection of containers in various areas of Turkey.
Having achieved to increase its capital by 25 times since its establishment until today, Altas, besides its economic growth, has succeeded in improvement of its structure by making investments in its vehicle pool and personnel, and become one of the leading companies in the sector.

Altas operates in the fields of city cleaning, solid waste collection and packaging waste sorting as well as in the construction sector. Altas Plaza used by us as a management building has been constructed with our equity capital, and we also construct houses and schools. A boutique hotel with 56 rooms in Bordrum acquired at the end of 2005 started to operate at the end of 2006, and it is an A+ city hotel that has 4s suit rooms, a SPA center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools.