We have initiated vocational trainings to our Garbage Collection Personnel on the subjects of “occupational health & safety and the collection of solid wastes”.
Collection of solid wastes, occupational health & safety...
As per the “Regulation Concerning the Vocational Training of Persons to be Employed in Works Classified as Dangerous or Very Dangerous” issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the purpose is as follows for the training provided  to the garbage collection personnel with the cooperation of İŞKUR and the Beykoz Public Education Center Directorate:

In professional terms, it is related to the ability to apply the rules on collecting solid wastes, to separate such solid wastes, to use the compression units of garbage collection trucks, to know the potential perils that waste types can pose on persons and to travel on the safest manner behind the garbage collection truck.

Concerning the subjects of occupational health and safety however, we aim at informing them about its basic principles thereof; vesting them with the capacity to take measures & make the necessary interventions in cases such as accidents, injuries, occupational diseases, fires, etc...; to carry out legal procedures following work accidents; and to comprehend the business law and legislation concerning occupational health and safety.