Waste Management and Altas
Rapid urbanization and population increase create an immense pressure on the environment, which keeps increasing on every passing day. The wastes, which are formed as a result of intensive usage of natural sources, increase of production and consumption, has reached a dimension oftreating human and environmental health. Under these circumstances, Waste Management holds a weighted place amongst the environmental protection policies, while the environmentat protection becomes the basic policy priority of the world countries.
As Altas, we are well aware of the responsibility on our shoulders for a sustainable devetopment and to leave a better and inhabitable world to the next generations for tomorrows. We consider all waste variations as a part of the Waste Management System. We collect municipal solid wastes, construction and excavation wastes, packing wastes, electronic and medical wastes with equipments and vehicles, specially designed as per the type of the waste, We transfer the municipal solid wastes comstruction and excavation wastes to respective transfer fields or regular dumping sites.

We separate packing and electronic wastes in our plants and provide recycling ofthem as industrial raw materials. We process the medical wastes in our sterilization and disposal plants transform them into a class of harmless waste and transfer them to the dumping sites. We use the new technologies effectively in order to increase productivity on the issue of waste management, develop nonstop R&D projects and apply their results rapidly. in all our work processes, we contribute the economy of the country and protection of environment by carrying out alt our responsibilities and taking the environmental dimensions into the consideration in accordance with relevant regulations.