Our Targets
We believe in "Big Thinking".
What makes us one of the biggest of our country and region is not only our quality, it is being an institution, which has realized very important investments, that define the standards of the sector. We have never forgotten that we are dealing with human at the core of our work. Thus, we aren't only paying a special attention to the training of our personnel, we are also continuously improving our equipments, vehicle fleet and plant investments in parallel to latest technological developments, to enable them do their jobs properly. Today, we take pride in being amongst the most prominent companies of our sector with our modern facilities, 6.500 trained employees, a fleet of 700 vehicles, consist of hybrid system garbage collecting vehicles, dumper trucks,which operate with 100% electricity and multi-function garbage trucks with remote control system.

Our knowledge and targets make us who we are. But, it is our works, which make us what we are.
Since we know that our job isn't merely a cleaning task, we continuously renew and develop ourselves to enhance the life quality of millions of people, whom we render our services.

We have always been on institution, which has actualized the firsts in the sector and obtained the opportunity to introduce plenty of new technologies to our country. We have always preferred quality products, which have high technology from the garbage collecting vehicles, recycling and disposal facilities to the uniforms of our employees.

Our business philosophy is to transform our country into a global ptayer of the cleaning sector of the world with our Corporation identity and professionat management system.