Integrated Management System
Altas Integrated Management System is an effective management system, in which more than one management systems are collected and applied integrally at the same time whenever it is required.
We render our services and maintain our relations with the institutions, which we work for, in accordance with following standards; ISO (TS) 9001, Ouality Management System, which certifies our service quality standards and relations with the institutions, ISO (TS) 14001, Quality Environment Management System, which certifies our environmental awareness, OHSAS (TS) 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which certifies our approach to occupational health and safety issues of our employees. The auditing of these systems are made regularly by certificated institutions, which have international accreditation and certificated. ALTAS INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is executed on all organization levels in parallel to our Corporation mission and targets for the purpose of continuously developing our service quality.

  1. Providing customer satisfaction with high level service quality.
  2. Increasing the knowledge and skill of our employees with trainings, spreading and creating an awareness for quality, environment labor health and safety issues, and developing their behaviors against environmental pollution and job accidents.
  3. Providing continuous development for our quality, environment, labor health and safety performance by acting in accordance with legal regulations and other binding arrangements related to quality, environment, labor health a safety issues.
  4. Increasing our productivity by using our resources completely and effectively.
  5. Working with our suppliers based on foundations of reliability and straight forwardness.
  6. Training of the personnel, improving the working conditions and sustaining the improved work conditions.
  7. Increasing our sales revenues, creating new employment areas, providing quality development continuously.
  8. Abiding by the laws all the time during our activities.