Packing Wastes
Packing wastes are more important in our lives today than before...

These wastes aren't something to be collected as garbage, they are important raw materials, which are required to be recycled. As Altas, we know that our task isn't only to keep the cities clean, but atso to light the way for tomorrows of the people and the cities. Sorting of packing wastes at their location is one of the most important phases of recycling process.

Thus, we collect the packing wastes, which are saved in recycling boxes, outdoor money boxes and recycling containers within the borders of municipalities, where we render our services, without getting wet or contaminated in parallel of the program, prepared by us, with our recycling vehicles. We transfer the packing wastes, around 24.000 tons a year, from the houses, workplaces and shopping centers in order to provide recycling of them as industrial raw materials.

During the period of sorting out of packing wastes, which is one of the important phases of recycling, we process the packing wastes, we collect from areas, where we give cleaning services, in our separation and recycling facility. After classifying the vvastes in the groups of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metallic material, they are baled in vertical and horizontal presses and sent to the licensed facilities in order to be used as raw materials. Additional to the important contribution to the economy of the country, we work very hard to leave an inhabitabte world to the future generations.